Take The Gamble Out Of Gambling

Why risk your money when you don’t have to? 36 Gaming Solutions has over 20 years of experience in the Las Vegas Sports Book and Offshore Betting industry. With that comes the knowledge, experience, and expertise to know how to make the most out of every wager. We have a finger on the pulse of Las Vegas and offshore sports books to separate the sure, high-value placements from the false moves that fill the boards in all the sports books. The question is- are you ready to be on the inside?

See what our win percentages are for the year- no one in the industry has numbers like ours!

What Makes Us Different

We know the movers and shakers of the sports book world, and who make the decisions on moving the line and manipulating the odds. But that’s not enough. There are multiple games and odds that change daily; however, there are only a few that are worth wagering on.

The key is to know the difference; and that’s what we do. We know the difference in value / line moves versus games that win and provide solid payouts, game after game, day in and day out. Some sports handicappers have multiple games per day; we manage 5-6 per month. But, in these limited games, we are hugely successful.

For the previous 12 month season, ou r win rate was 78%; the year prior, even better across the entire sports book board. Nobody has that kind of record. Being privy to this information is something that you can’t put a price on, until now. 36 Gaming Solutions is offering the chance for VIP players to make the wagers we do, with the payouts that deliver.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, or some loophole that will close. This is an investment for discriminating, savvy, customers with the patience to wait for the right moment to wager on a high-percentage game that will pay out.

In fact, we’re so confident in the process that we will refund your money at any time if you’re unhappy with the product. Not only that, but for Season and Monthly customers, we will even cover up to $500 of your initial wager. If you don’t win, you get your money back by the next business day. There is no group in Las Vegas that has the confidence to stand behind their product with a guarantee like ours.